Baseball Buddy

Baseball Buddy is a brand new way to score a baseball game.

The traditional "grid full of diamonds" approach to a scorecard is great if all you have is a pencil and paper, or if you want to quickly look back at the game as a whole, but it's not very good for actually scoring a game! You run out of room on your scoresheet to keep track of everything, and you have to invent arcane codes for yourself to compress everything into that tiny box. Plus, you have to carry that extra scorebook to the game. Why not use the smartphone that's already in your pocket?

Take advantage of your new smartphone screen! Baseball Buddy keeps you in the game by focusing you on just one thing: the current pitch.

Enter Baseball Buddy! Baseball Buddy is better, because Baseball Buddy focuses you on one pitch at a time, while still providing you the game's box score at a glance. Baseball Buddy utilizes the whole screen of your smartphone for each pitch, instead of forcing you to cram your notes into a corner. Baseball Buddy will also do all of the score keeping for you, keeping the tedious and error-prone tabulation out of your hands.

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