Why Barack Obama is a better president than Gary Johnson

I think universal health care is a huge libertarian issue that almost all libertarians are missing.

The fundamental premise of libertarianism, to me, is that the government should be as small as possible which maintaining the contract of government, but no smaller. But that contract is not simple, and finding that sweet spot is not easy.

I recognize the declaration of independence is not a governing document, but I think it's statement of contract is the most useful: "Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness".

Universal, affordable healthcare is the fulfilment of a dream unimaginable by our founders. I think that a codification into law of the basic necessities for life that you and I enjoy will enable the life and liberty of untold swaths of people whose illness or death might be prevented. Fiscal conservatism should never distract us from liberty we might achieve together as a nation: Liberty over death.

But fiscal conservatism is important in allowing citizens to pursue their own happiness, and despite the vote grasping rhetoric of the republican party, Barack has done remarkably well. I don't want to overstate how much responsibility the president can claim for the nation's economics, but they have been stelar. We have experienced an FDR-like recovery on an Eisenhower-like Budget. Incredible. It doesn't pay down the debt, but it's moving in the right direction.

Militarily Obama hasn't done much on the surface. Waiting for the Iraq and Afghanistan wars to run out without becoming directly involved elsewhere is something. But he has laid the groundwork for the future of the military: drones. While the possible future of a camera in every window looms daunting, I think drones are the most liberty-promoting military tactic for a post-industrial world. They provide powerful offensive and surveillance deterrents to violence, without requiring the investment of human soldiers.

He has also made us many friends abroad, something everyone should appreciate.

SOPA and PIPA didn't pass, but if they did, he would've vetoed them.

He stopped the state's rights oppression related to Marijuana sales. EDIT: This is totally untrue. DEA raids have continued under Obama, in direct contradiciton to state law

And he backs gay marriage.

But even with 4 years of records to look at, I think the most important characteristic of a president is intangible. I've seen Barak answer dozens of questions about as many different subjects and never have I found him wrong. His responses are always well reasoned and right minded. All the attacks on him are way out of context because they have to be. It's hard to find attack material against someone so well grounded.

Gary Johnson just doesn't instill in me that confidence that he will react appropriately to whatever the ofice subjects him to. He gives vague, party-line responses and repeats his talking points. And he makes promises he couldn't possibly keep. Cut 43% of the federal budget? Good luck!

I support the libertarian party in principle, but it just isn't time yet. They have to field a candidate that really could lead the country better than anyone else before they get my vote, and they just haven't yet.