I started a thing on twitter this morning. Ludum dare is a game jam that happens every few months. I usually participate, especially in the winter one, since I'm rarely busy. There are a lot of game jams, but this one is the biggest.

Ludum dare has official themes, and often an unofficial side quest. The theme is something specific like: 10 seconds, or underwater. The side quest is something general, like fit a kitten into the game somewhere.

I suggested the side quest of "No Violence". A prominent figure in the community picked up the idea and ran with it, and a bunch of people said they're going to do it. It looks like it might be the main side quest for this competition.

I don't harbor any delusions about my influence or originality in the situation, but I can't help but feel proud of this particular contribution to game development culture. I don't think this event is likely to help me in any direct way, but I do think it was a Good thing to do. Feels good.

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